10 Surprisingly Unusual Lifestyle Choices People Have Made

Whether to stand out from the crowd, to prove a point or simply to try to be themselves, people often undergo serious lifestyle changes. In most cases, such a choice is often inspired by the thought of positive change for one’s attitude, habits and life. However, in other cases, things start to go to the extreme and they result in some of the most bizarre and simply weird situations in which a person can find themselves in. From living with her husband and lover under the same roof, to living without money, here are 10 of the most weird and extreme lifestyles choices people have.

The False Widow Spiders Enthusiast

Jay Reich, 26, from Bracknell not only adores the eight-legged creatures that terrify most of us, but she wants to be bitten by one! That’s right, the girl has made the lifestyle choice of living with as much as thirteen False Widow venomous spiders and wants to prove that these spiders are harmless, but are ‘just getting bad press.’

The 700 Cats Lady

While you may joke around about cat ladies, no one could even come close to Lynea Lattanzio, who started saving cats after her divorce in 1981 and care for them. Saving almost 19,000 felines, she currently lives alone with hundreds of cats on a 12-acre spread in Parlier, making her home the California’s largest no-cage, no-kill cat sanctuary.