10 Stunning Pieces Of Light Art

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The modern artist is a lot luckier than the ones who have come before them. Not only is there a larger audience to display your work, it is also a lot easier to reach your audience thanks to technology and even experiment with different mediums. The canvas of a modern artist is extremely diverse, and the tools are no longer limited to paintbrushes. Using a camera and reducing the exposure of the lens, people are able to capture stunning light trails that convert into paintings. This list features 10 of the best examples of light paintings:


Ball Of Light

A stunning ball of light that feels like it is revolving.

Beach Trail

A long exposure shot allows this artist to capture a massive blue trail across this beach.

Flaming Wheels

The surrounding lights and a special light trail on the wheels brings this sporty car to life.

Contemplating Figure

This quickly drawn light figure resembles a man thinking about his life. Its almost as if he feels hollow inside.

Suspended And Colorful

Three separate and colorful light sources are twirled in a unique way to create a masterful piece.

Bare To The Bones

A unique light painting that is funny and well-made.

Slabs Of Light

This beautiful and intricate light painting makes it look like slabs of light have been placed on a table.

Controlling Light

Ever wanted to control light and energy? This light painting makes it look like this person is manipulating energy in his hands.

Invisible Player

Playing the piano is hard enough without being made of light.

Explosion Of Energy

This man appears to be in the middle of his very own light show.