10 Amazing Pieces Of Artwork People Found In Trash

Artwork is one of the only things that retains its value throughout the years, with most pieces actually becoming more expensive over time. The vast majority of art that we know about originated from private collections or perhaps was donated by a benefactor. However, in some cases, prized artwork can be found in very unusual places. Chief among them is in the trash, where paintings and sculptures might have been hidden away within garbage unknown to the world until discovered by unsuspecting members of the public.

Golden Buddha Hidden In A Statue

While moving a Buddha statue that was apparently made of plaster out of a temple to store it in a warehouse, workers dropped it and chipped some of the material away. While this wouldn’t have been much of a problem as the statue was no longer wanted, a closer inspection revealed that the plaster was actually covering a golden Buddha figure.

$30 Million Paintings In Empty House

After buying a house in 2007, Thomas Schultz and Larry Joseph found that it contained more than 3,000 painting by the artist Arthur Pinajian. The painter had died in 1999 and asked his family to throw out his work after his death but they couldn’t do it, instead leaving it to gather dust in his empty house. After the art was restored, it was valued at a staggering $30 million.