10 Stunning Photographs Of Animals Going In For The Kill

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In order to maintain the balance and harmony within nature, there exists and pecking order that perpetuates the circle of life. Due to this pecking order, every animal is either classified into a predator or a prey. Hunting is the only way predators can stay alive in the wild, and even though it feels like a gruesome process to us, it is absolutely natural and very necessary. This list pays homage to the circle of life by showcasing 10 images of animals going in for the kill.

Death From Above

The focus and determination in the eyes of this deadly predator is unmistakable.

Rapid Strides

Although the hare seems to have much bigger strides than the dog, there is no doubt that the hunter will soon catch up.

Killing Is Neither Black Or White

The helpless Zebra stands no chance against a lioness once it has been separated from its herd.

I Thought I Saw A Putty Tat

It did, it did see a putty tat.

Maneuvering For Life

In the wild, out maneuvering your predator is the only way to stay alive. Guile matters nearly as much as speed.

Mighty Hunter

The owl looks extremely intimidating in front of its poor prey.

Steep Turns

This poor wilder beast is trying to twist, turn and feint its way out of danger.

Countering Hawkeye

The rabbit is mighty fast, but it does not have any wings, which is why it is thoroughly outmatched.

Fate Is Sealed

The poor penguin looks like it has almost resigned to its fate.

Mouse Hunt

The swoop will be fast and accurate, the owl appears to be a professional at this.