10 Stunning Illustrations Of Symmetry In Nature

Around us are many impressive examples of symmetry in the natural environment that have led some to question how such intricate designs occur. Mathematicians, artists, philosophers, architects, and scientists have had their attention captured by the aesthetic balance of structures on earth and beyond earth, from that of peacock feathers to outer space galaxies. Symmetry is even a popular standard of beauty today, from the composition of one’s face to the style of one’s hair and clothes. Read this list, and enjoy learning about different forms of symmetry you probably never knew existed.

Romanesco Broccoli

This is an unusual yet amazing example of fractal symmetry in nature, consisting of the same spiral pattern for the florets as well as the whole head itself. Yet it looks like some weird plant life from another planet.


This shows that bees do have a thing for symmetry, too. It is an example of wallpaper symmetry, where a pattern is repeated across a plane.