10 Strange Surgical Procedures That Doctors Have Carried Out


For obvious reasons, hemispherectomy is an incredibly rare type of surgery that sees half the brain removed from a person. It is generally used to treat extreme forms of epilepsy or other seizure disorders that have not responded to traditional medication. There are some side-effects though, including partial paralysis and sight problems, though neurons from the other side of the brain will often form new connections and take on many of the tasks from the removed part of the brain.

Keeping A Hand Alive By Attaching It To A Leg

Although it might sound bizarre, doctors in China have carried out a procedure that involves transplanting an arm onto a person’s leg several times. The aim is to keep the hand alive by hooking it up to the body’s circulation in times when it can’t be immediately reattached to the arm because of severe injuries. As soon as the arm is healed, they can then remove the hand and put it back in the right place, with the person often regaining full use of the limb.