10 Strange Literary Forms You Didn’t Read In School

Just Plain Weird

One of the newest literary styles on this list, Bizarro Fiction was officially born in 2005. It takes the strange and the silly to a whole new level. For example: The picture above is taken from the cover of House of Houses, by Kevin L. Donihe. In his novel, a man falls in love with his house. Okay, so far so good, we’ve seen this in the movie Her. But this love affair ends as his house is slaughtered in a “house holocaust” that happens the day before their wedding. Yeah, that didn’t happen to the smartphone in the movie.

Real Writing As Art

You may have seen this one in school. Calligrams use words to literally illustrate their topic. For example, the above picture from Deviant Art. These poems and pictures can get much more complex with famous people such as Jimi Hendrix and Audrey Hepburn being the subject of calligrams.