10 Strange Facts About Spiders You Probably Don’t Know

Spiders belong to the Arachnida class that includes the mites, ticks and scorpions, and are part of the phylum Arthropoda. They are air-breathing arthropods with two body parts – the abdomen and the cephalothorax. Spiders have 8 legs and chelicerae that are venom-injecting fangs. Most spiders have 8 simple eyes but some spider species have fewer or more eyes. These arthropods can be found on every continent of the world except Antarctica. This list contains 10 strange facts about spiders you probably don’t know.

Jumping Spiders

Specific species of jumping spiders (salticids) can see into spectrums humans cannot. Some have been shown to be able to see ultraviolet B and ultraviolet A light.


There are more than 100 spider species that mimic ants by having evolved similar pheromones and similar appearances. Most do it to escape predators; however, some do it to help them hunt ants.