10 Strange Drugs You’ve Never Heard Of


So called because of the fact that the molecular structure of the drugs appears to resemble a dragonfly, Bromo-Dragonfly is an LSD-like substance. It is also much more powerful than normal LSD and is capable of causing trips that can last for three days at a time as well as side effects such as spasms and the constriction of blood vessels. In some instances, those who have taken the drug have had to have limbs amputated as veins couldn’t carry blood to them.

Benzo Fury

Benzo Fury is a branded legal high that has been banned in several countries because of the fact it has killed several people who have taken it. Although it has never been a very popular drug, it has become well known in the underground clubbing scene in the UK and other European countries. As a derivative of amphetamine, it causes many of the same effects, such as euphoria, insomnia, and paranoia.