10 Strange Awards You Wouldn’t Want To Receive

The Ernie Awards

This extremely useful award works more like social service than just poking fun at people. It helps shed some light on some of the most sexist public figures, by handing out awards to those people who passed the most sexist comments in the past year. This award originated in Australia and is named after a Workers Union secretary named Ernie Ecob who became famous for his sexist comments. One of his priceless nuggets include the comment “Women aren’t welcome in the shearing sheds. They’re only after the sex”.

Ig Nobel Prize

You might think that the scientific community is slightly less hostile towards underachievers in the field but you would be wrong. The Ig Nobel prize is actually a parody Nobel prize and is handed out to those people who are behind the dumbest scientific achievements of the year. It is organized by the scientific humor magazine called ‘Annals of improbable research’, and recent winners include people like Brian Witcombe who won the award for his research on ‘Sword swallowing and its side effects’.