10 Stickers That Were Hilariously Put In The Wrong Place

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Designing the packaging for a brand new product can be a daunting task. It has to be able to grab the attention of the customer, convey the essential information about the item and ensure that it does all of this in a sleek and effective manner. Unfortunately, all of that hard work can be quickly, and often hilariously undone, with the wayward placement of a sticker or label. While the vast majority of these instances were probably simple mistakes by store workers, some of them might have been done on purpose.

The Colon

An adventure that you will never ever forget, although you may want to.

Urine Ear Drops

Most people would probably prefer to have the problem with their ear rather than use these drops.

Crappy Quilts

The quilts might not be the best quality, but at least there are 29 different patterns.

Cock vs Zombies

We don’t know who will win and we aren’t sure we even want to know.

Normal Activity

The ideal choice of film for those who get scared a little too easily.


Come and join the ass generation!

Cooking Your Dog

A recipe book that is perfect for emergencies where there is no food left, but the family pet is looking rather tasty.

Anus Hot Dogs

Can’t get enough of those delicious anus hot dogs, although the meat in normal hot dogs is probably not much better.

Shaving A Baby

There’s a big market for instructional CDs telling parents exactly how to shave a small child.

Naughty M&Ms

It isn’t clear what these M&Ms are actually doing. Whatever it is though, one of them certainly looks very happy.