10 Situations That Definitely Ended Badly

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The illusion of control is what has kept our society going for quite some time now. Unfortunately, very few things are actually in our own hands. This becomes doubly true when there are other people involved in our lives who might not necessarily be the best decision makers in the world. Getting into trouble on your own is quite easy, but that amplifies substantially when there are some trouble makers around. This list features 10 hilarious situations involving people that will certainly not end well for all parties involved.

Diving Head First

Being thrown into the pool can be a lot of fun, but only if you entire body is thrown into the water.

Free Falling

Belly flopping hurts a lot, especially when you have this much belly.

Baby Riding Along

This baby is an unwilling passenger to a situation that is both careless and unnecessary.

Walking The Dog

This poor dog has no idea that it is in for the briskest walk of its life.

Having Fun With Bears

If you look around and you sign a danger sign signalling the presence of bears, it is best to not build a children’s park in that area.

Vertical Limit

Skiing involves pushing the limits of your mind, body and sometimes even your face.

Extreme Affection

You sometimes hear people saying that a child is so cute that they want to eat it. Hearing the same sentiment expressed by a camel can be quite scarring, literally.

Lookg Ma, No Hands

This lady seems to have a lot of faith on the crocodile. The crocodile seems to be playing this out in a very smart way.

Close Range Shot

Sure you might kill the snake with this gun, but the topless man may not appreciate the bullet wound on his gut very much.

Balancing Act

This is a very bold person’s attempt at finishing their job as quickly as possible.