10 Simple Yet Unbelievable Facts About Kissing

Humans have been connecting their mouths to each other for as long as we’ve been capable of walking upright on this planet. Our tongues have been tied together with a significant other or a simple one-night stand partner for centuries now, and that probably won’t be changing anytime soon. Kissing is a lot of fun, despite what some health-conscious people would have you believe. Sure, you’re exchanging saliva and germs, but you’re connecting on a different level with the one you love. Here are ten simple yet unbelievable facts about kissing.

Based on Sound

The word kiss is actually based on sound. It comes from the Germanic word kuss, which imitates the sound two smacking lips make when they meet.

Culture Shock

Not all cultures enjoy kissing. In fact, many Asian cultures have deemed kissing in public to be taboo. While French kissing was originally a slur against the French.