10 Of The Strangest Pages You’ll Ever See On Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a weird place, which is not so surprising considering it can be edited by pretty much anyone. However, just like on YouTube or any other big site, there’s still some pretty dark corners that even you don’t want to lurk into. The internet is not afraid to show the rest of the world some of the darkest places of humanity, and these things are on the internet available for everyone to see. Wikipedia has done a great job at having those things all in one place — so here are some of the creepiest things you’ll ever find on the online encyclopedia.

Boy In The Box

Boy in the box is a name that was given to a murder victim that was found naked and ripped apart and then left in a box in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1957. The boy was only six years old and his identity or the murderer’s were never discovered.

D. B. Cooper

D. B. Cooper is more commonly referred to as the man who became the biggest and the only unsolved air piracy in the history of aviation. He managed to hijack a plane, fly it for a while and then jump out of it and parachute to safety. He was never identified or found.