10 Shocking Stories Of People Who Discovered They Were Kidnapped

Julian Hernandez

In 2015, Jonathan Mangina tried to apply for college but then he found out that his name did not match his social security number. After a thorough investigation, it turned out that Jonathan was really Julian Hernandez from Birmingham, Alabama who was taken from his family by his estranged father. Julian grew up never finding out he was kidnapped until applying for college.

Savanna Todd

Samantha Geldenhuys lived a quiet and normal life in Australia until in 2013 when her mother, Alexandra Geldenhuys, was arrested for kidnapping her. Her mother went through a bad divorce and lost custody of Samantha which prompted her to flee to Africa first and then Australia and change both her and her daughter’s name. Samantha learned the truth accidentally when her mother called her by her real birth name and she was curious so she went to investigate which led her to her father.