10 Shocking Facts About Life In America

America is undoubtedly one of the greatest countries in the world where a person can live. Unfortunately, the promise this great land once offered has started to dwindle due to the vast number of unforeseen circumstances that is shaping its landscape. America is now facing quite a few stern problems now and life in general is changing quite rapidly. You might have a picture in mind about life in America, but these facts show that things are actually quite different.

Lesser Marriages

The family system seems to be slowing eroding in America as suggested by a recent study. There seems to have been a 26% drop in marriage between the age group of 20-34 since 1940 to 2010. During this period, there was also a 28% increase in people who have never been married. This suggest that people in America are either getting married very late these days or simply not getting married at all.

Deteriorating Health

America’s health is clearly deteriorating quite rapidly and this comes down to various factors. Nearly 7% of Americans claim that they never bathe, which means a lot of problems stem from this level of uncleanliness. Apart from that, nearly one in every three American is obese and you also have a 40% chance of developing cancer if you stay here. The U.S also ranks number one in terms of mental disorder diagnosis worldwide. This is definitely some scary conditions brewing our country.