10 Shocking Crimes Of Passion Committed On Valentine’s Day

Shia LaBeouf

Transformers star Shia Labeouf claims that he was raped by a fan on Valentine’s day, 2014. Labeouf claims that a woman stripped him, whipped and then raped him while his Shia’s girlfriend and the woman’s boyfriend stood in line waiting for him. No one can validate the accuracy of his story, but if the former Disney star’s story was true, he certainly had a very strange Valentine’s that year!

Kierra Reed

Men are notoriously bad at remembering important dates. This is a common cause of fight for couples, but for this particular girlfriend, she went more extreme. After learning her boyfriend Henry Brown didn’t get her a Valentine’s present, she went berserk. Kierra started pushing and scratching him, who then ran into the toilet and locked himself in. Kierra wasn’t done — she took a kitchen knife and screamed that she was going to cut him, and proceeded to stab the door many times with the knife like straight out of a horror movie. Brown was able to contact 911, who then arrested Kierra Reed. She was charged with aggravated menacing.