10 Shocking And Weird Facts About Cats

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While cats are loved by millions around the world, dogs are usually favored, as cats are more independent animal, with an attitude to boot. However, cats are actually great animals. They are much lower maintenance pets than dogs are, and having an independent pet isn’t actually such a bad thing. It means that you don’t always have to wash them, feed them at specific times, and take them outside to do their business. They can do a lot of cool things as well, like write physics papers, hang out in the White House, and help prisoners cheer up. This list is perfect for those people who are wondering what exactly makes a cat a great pet, as it is full of facts about cats that will absolutely shock you!

Cat Co-Author

A physics professor named Jack Hetherington was told that he needed a co-author on his paper, because he used pronouns like “we,” so he added his cat as a co-author.

Cats Can Drink Salt Water

Most mammals get dehydrated from ingesting any salt water, but cats have extremely efficient kidneys, and can actually hydrate themselves by drinking salt water.

Bill Clinton’s Cat

Bill Clinton has a cat, and actually created a game around the cat. Basically, the cat fights Republicans, and eventually warns the White House about a nuclear bomb.

Spy Cat

The CIA invested about $20 million on training a “spy cat” to spy on the Soviets. Unfortunately for them, it got hit by a taxi.

Prisoner Cats

In Indiana, their state prison allows inmates to adopt a cat as a way to improve their mood.

Cat Statues

The city of York, England, has a multitude of cat statues around the entire city. They’ve been said to “protect” the citizens.

Cat Cafes

In Japan, they have “cat cafes” where a person can go and just snuggle with cats.

Dead Animals

When cats bring dead animals back to show humans, it isn’t actually because they’re proud of it, like most people think. They’re actually “teaching them to hunt” like they would with younger cats.

Disneyland Has A Lot Of Cats

At night, cats are everywhere in Disneyland. The staff there feed them and take care of them because the cats control the mice and rat population.

Cat Alzheimer’s

Old cats actually develop Alzheimer’s, which is why they tend to meow more than younger cats.