10 Shocking And Hilarious Reasons Why People Were Fired

We all know that when we get up and go to work in the morning, there is a chance we won’t have that job when we come home at the end of the day. Despite that fact there are still some reasons that would rightfully shock us if they caused us to lose our jobs. There are some reasons we would also find quite hilarious if we knew they happened to someone else. Sometimes we’re actually asking for it when we show up to our jobs in certain states of mind. If all of this is posing too much of a puzzle for you, have no fear we’ve put them in a helpful list. Check out 10 of the most heinous and unintentionally hilarious reasons people were fired from their jobs and then let us know what you think.

Taking Love of Donuts Too Far

We said this article was about people losing their jobs, but this story is just a little too good. Renzo was a police dog for four years before he lost his position. During a stop at a Dunkin Donuts shop, Renzo got away from his handler and shot after a worker. The worker was able to see the dog coming and mostly get into the car before the dog could reach him. The dog still managed to bite the worker four times before he got away. For this infraction, Renzo was pulled off police force.

Counterfeiting Money on the Office Copier

Terry Chapman, a school janitor hatched a plan he likely thought was foolproof, where he would make counterfeit money using his school’s copier. The problem was that the counterfeit cash wasn’t very believable. Thanks to using the school copier he not only got arrested but lost his job as well.

Stepping On The American Flag

One English teacher in Illinois apparently forgot that freedom of speech can be limited when it comes to schools. The teacher wanted to demonstrate the reach of free speech when he took an American flag down and stomped on it. Turns out, the school board is well within its right to fire teachers who do that and they did thanks to a 6-0 vote.

Photographing Sexy X-Rays

When one particular patient showed up to the hospital with a sex toy embedded up their bum, it was okay for the nurses to giggle and stare, but when they took photos of the x-ray and shared it with their friends, that was when they crossed the line. When the hospital found out, they were promptly fired.

Peeing In the Elevator

When one particular parking garage received numerous complaints about the elevator stinking badly of urine, the garage installed a camera. Once the camera was installed, it caught a sheriff’s deputy starting to pee almost as soon as the doors closed. Even worse was that he seemed to have realized there was a camera and tried to move it so it wouldn’t see him taking a leak. Sadly for him, it did and he was promptly fired.

Letting A Model Fly A Plane

Victoria Xipolitakis is a minor celebrity in certain parts of Europe to the point where a couple of airline pilots thought it would be neat to let her pilot the plane for a bit. They let her into the cockpit, already a no-no and then actually let her take control of the throttle for a few seconds on takeoff. Recordings actually have her saying “are you sure,” meaning she seemed to have more common sense than the pilots. Needless to say, they were both fired.

Unorthodox Snack Run

One teacher lost his job for stomping on the American flag, another teacher lost her job after she decided to take some of her students on a snack run. The problem was that her car wouldn’t fit everyone normally, so she had some get in the trunk. This was of course, not legal or safe and she was promptly fired when the school found out.

Getting Into The Vending Machine At All Costs

When a warehouse worker couldn’t get a candy bar to drop out of the vending machine shelf, he decided he wasn’t going to be a quitter. Instead, the worker went and got an 8,000 pound forklift and used that to break open the front of the machine. He lost his job, likely had to repay the cost of the machine and was out a dollar for the candy bar.

Signing Too Loudly

Nicole Phillips was a call center worker who lost her job by singing a bit too loudly a little too often. It actually wasn’t her loud singing that cost her job but what she was singing. Her bosses decided she was singing Bob Marley’s “I Shot the Sheriff” with a kind of menacing tone and wouldn’t stop when she was asked to. The bosses decided it was time for her to find work elsewhere shortly after.

Cheering While Drinking

The Stanford tree has long been a mainstay of a mascot at all of the Cardinal sporting events. That doesn’t mean the person in the costume’s job is 100 percent safe. Erin Lashnits learned this he hard way in 2006 when she was caught taking nips from a flask hidden under the tree costume.

It turns out she was fired once she blew a .15 BAC after getting caught.