20 Things To Do Before You Die

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Life is too short to sit and ponder on the things you wish you could and should do. Create a bucket list of things you’ve always wanted to do, but never took the time to do it. A bucket list will have you doing things you’ve probably only dreamed of. Well, you aren’t getting any younger and it’s time to make those dreams a reality. Here’s a list of things you should consider putting on your bucket list.

Hot Air Balloon

This is a great way to see the world around you. Riding in a hot air balloon will have you wishing you ‘d done it sooner.

Swim With Dolphins

Swimming with Dolphins is a great way to get in touch with nature. The feeling of being so close to a lovable mammal will have you thinking you’re the little mermaid, Ariel.

Star Gaze

Stargazing is a great way to see the beautiful stars the universe has to offer. You will be amazed by the way stars look while you’re stargazing.

Go To A Concert

Being able to see your favorite artist in concert should definitely be on your bucket list. You will be able to hear your favorite songs live and meet new friends that have the same taste in music. If you’re lucky, you just might make eye contact with your favorite artist while you’re belting out one of their songs along with them.

Fly In A Private Jet

Enjoy the view of any city by flying on a private jet. It is a great, intimate way to spend time with someone without all the extra passengers that planes typically have.

Move To A New City

The best way to get out of your comfort zone is to move to a brand new city. Try to move to a town where you don’t know anyone. This will give you the opportunity to get out, meet new friends and start a new and exciting life.

Try A New Hair Color

If you’ve had the same color your entire life and always wanted to try something drastic, a vibrant hair color is the way to go. Yes, you may get some weird looks because of your new hair color, but all that matters is if you like it and always wanted to do it.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is an amazing opportunity to see the world that’s beneath you. You will able to be up close and personal with the many living creatures in the oceans.

Go To A Drive In Theater

Drive in theatres has become somewhat obsolete in certain areas. If you’re able to find one near you, do yourself a favor and go to it. It is a nice idea for a date, or if you want take the family on a little adventure.

Go On A Road Trip

Road trips are the best way to embark on a new journey whilst driving. Whether it is to travel to a town in your state that’s hours from your hometown, or a journey to a different state, road trips are indeed fun. Just make sure you travel with the right person, great music, and lots of food.

Play An Instrument

Remember being in elementary school and dreading music class? Well how about picking up an instrument now and learn how to play. You just may surprise yourself and find a new hobby.

Tell Someone You Love Them

Life is too short to not tell someone how you truly feel about him or her. Let those that are close to you know that you love and appreciate them. It will make both you and them feel a whole lot better.

Sky Dive

The adrenaline rush from skydiving will help you release any fears you might have. If you’re afraid of heights, you can do this to feel like you’ve finally overcame that one fear that’s been holding you back.

Send a Message in a Bottle

You should send a message in a bottle and set if off to sea. It’s a neat and creative little thing to do. With some much technology invading our lives, it’s nice to see a handwritten note every once in a while. You never know, you just may get a response back.

Do Karaoke

Grab a group of friends and enjoy a night of karaoke. Sure, it may be a tad bit embarrassing, but if it’s something you’ve never done, you’ll be glad you did it.

Learn A New Language

Learning a new language will allow you to connect with people of different cultures and aspects of life. It will help you be able to travel the world without a language barrier being a problem.

Visit A Waterfall

Without a doubt, nature is the most beautiful thing you can ever experience on Earth. With so many manmade things surrounding us, nature is a breath of fresh air. Go visit a waterfall and witness Mother Nature at work.

Go Skiing

If you don’t live in a town where snow is normal, try skiing. Skiing is a great sport to try and will help you test your motor movement skills.

Go To A Sporting Event

Don’t just watch a sporting event on a television or electronic screen. Purchase tickets and actually go to a sporting event in your town. It is so much better to see the sport up-close and personal than through a screen. Plus, you can’t beat the amazing foods they sell at these events.


Volunteer is a great way to do an act of kindness. It doesn’t matter what kind of volunteer work it is. As long as you’re helping out someone in need from the bottom of you’re heart, you will feel like you’ve done something special and important.