10 False Myths From History People Still Believe

Just like with science, our understanding of history is constantly changing as a result of new and previously unknown evidence. Many of the things that teachers may have told you in school about our past is likely to be considered obsolete in the modern age, often down to exciting sources of information emerging. These discoveries can make much of our knowledge of history incomplete, though there are plenty of myths that have continued to be spread in spite of contrary evidence, convincing millions of facts historians known are utterly false.

Wild West Gunfights

Wild West movies and countless television shows are to blame for the belief that the time of cowboys involved constant gunfights and murders. The truth though is much more mundane, with notorious criminals like Billy the Kid only believed to have killed a few people rather than the much higher number he claimed. Even supposedly dangerous towns would usually only suffer from a few murders every year and much less than the present.

Albert Einstein Was Bad At Math

There have been constant rumors that Albert Einstein, despite his obvious intellect, was actually an underperforming student and had even failed math courses during his education. While he did at one point fail a university admission exam, he was taking it two years early. Einstein, as you might expect from somebody who was such as accomplished scientists, actually excelled at mathematics and had reached a high level at a very young age.