10 Risqué Commercials That Were Banned From Television

Commercials have become an essential part of many of our lives. We are bombarded with advertisements every time we watch television or go to the cinema to watch a movie. In either case, companies want to get viewers to see their products and services in the best possible light, forcing them to come up with ever more imaginative ways to grab our attention and get us interested. One frequent tactic is to use sex appeal to help sell, though occasionally companies can go a step too far, forcing government agencies to ban them for being a little bit too risqué.

Zazoo Condoms

Zazoo, a company that makes a number of different types of condoms, came up with a unique idea for an advertising campaign. Rather than focus on the sex element as you might expect, it showed a couple in a supermarket with their screaming child, implying that a condom would have helped them avoid this situation. It was subsequently banned in a number of European countries.


Ikea ran a series of commercials in 2001 aimed at getting younger adults interested in buying new storage cabinets, drawers and cupboards with a campaign getting them to tidy up. This involved having various adverts whereby couples would be in intimate situations that would be spoiled by clutter and unwanted items lying around, culminating in one scene where a small child picks up a vibrator.