10 Of The Biggest April Fools’ Day Fails Ever

April Fool’s this year has just gone and I’m sure everyone’s news feed is full of their friends getting pregnant, married or divorced. Even products, brands have companies have joined in the fun and made their own April Fool’s jokes! People always try to outdo and outsmart each other with their so-called pranks. But one must take note: be careful with what you do before fooling anybody. April 1st is a good excuse to troll friends and other people but there are also occasions of April Fools jokes gone bad. One must remember that jokes can be distasteful and offensive, if not thought about in great detail. Here are the 10 biggest April Fools fails ever that led to dire consequences.

Singaporean Online Grocer Sells Exotic Meat and Disgusts Many Netizens

Honestbee, an online grocer website from Singapore, created a marketing nightmare after an April Fools’ day gone wrong with selling meat of endangered animals such as whale, tiger and panda.

The company had posted orders earlier with the delivery date at April 1, 2016. The initial plan was for proceeds from the sales to be donated to wildlife conservation charities such as WWF and Wildlife Reserves Singapore.

What they didn’t know was the joke drew the attention of many wildlife conservation organizations. There were a lot of angry comments, finding the joke ‘distasteful’ and ‘in poor taste’.

China Has Outlawed April Fools Day… Or Did They?

Don’t worry about being pranked on April Fools’ day when you’re in China–apparently it’s been outlawed.

In Xinhua News headlines, they said: “Today is the so-called ‘Fools’ Day’ in the West. Fools’ Day doesn’t consist with our country’s traditional culture, the core socialist values. We hope nobody believes in rumors, creates rumors or spreads rumors.”

Social media users made fun of the post, saying it was the best joke of the day. Most people were confused whether it was intending to be serious or funny.