10 Ridiculous Pictures That Will Blow Your Mind

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Photography is a wonderful medium to express ideas or just show events, because as everyone knows, “pictures are worth a thousand words.” What if these pictures describe a scene beyond normal comprehension? What if they are taken in such a way that it blows everyone’s minds and warps reality? This list of ten ridiculous pictures that will make your brain explode explores just those cases, where photographs are mind bending yet funny altogether. These optical illusions have been created with nothing but the most impeccable timing and precise angles.

Lady Boy

Hey, it is not what it looks like. Right?

Helping Out

If you thought the two individuals were carrying the woman in the black shirt, you’d be wrong!

Big Head

There are definitely less confusing angles to use when taking pictures together like this.

Graduation Day

It seems like dad has a tiny, tiny hand. Or in the words of Deadpool, “does it make it feel huge?”


It seems that Mr. Bryant is turning white; and a luscious set of white locks he has as well. It is a good look for him.


“Everyone, lets do the ostrich. Hang on Timmy, that isn’t the sand.”

What What, Zebra Butt

This lady is able to morph her lower extremities to look like a zebra, what a skill!


This chihuahua has the timing and the skills to pull off the best photobomb of his and his owner’s life.

Angle Is Everything

When taking pictures like these, angle becomes everything if you don’t want to give your viewers a mind melt.


When Groot found a lovely lady, they decided to settle down and produce this fine work of art.