10 Ridiculous Bra Ideas That Are Somewhat Creative

The creativity of worldwide designers never ceases to amaze as they try to push forward fashion standards and provide a futuristic alternative for today’s clothing. As wearable tech is becoming more ingrained in our everyday lives and our clothes start to take different shapes and forms, so does our lingerie. Protecting the most private parts of our bodies, underwear is also our most intimate clothing. However, these designers have provided females with 10 sexy, ridiculous and extremely creative ideas for bras, which you may or may not find quite disturbing.

Luminescent Bra

Designed by French design house Lumigram, these tops have luminous fibers in them that make your chest glow in beautiful colors. With replaceable batteries that will light up the bra for more than 12 hours, these tops are perfect for a late night party as well as a relaxing and sexy evening with your loved one.

Gas Mask Bra

Winning the Ig Nobel Prize for her creation, Dr. Elena Bodnar of Hinsdale, Illinois thinks not only about the beauty of the lingerie, but human safety as well. In case of emergency, this bra splits into two perfectly usable gask masks – one for your loved one and one for you.