10 Weird Facts About Snakes You Probably Don’t Know

Snakes are elongated, carnivorous reptiles of the Serpentes suborder that can be distinguished from legless lizards by their lack of external ears and eyelids. Like all squamates, snakes are amniote, ectothermic vertebrates covered in overlapping scales. Several snake species have skulls with multiple joints, enabling them to eat prey much bigger than their heads with their extremely mobile jaws. These creatures are found in all places in the world except in Greenland, New Zealand, Ireland and Antarctica. Most species of snakes are found in areas with tropical climates. This list contains 10 weird facts about snakes you probably don’t know.


The Black Mamba snake, one of the world’s most poisonous snakes, contains pain-relieving chemicals known as mambalgins that could be a better painkiller than morphine.


Male garter snakes occasionally imitate female garter snakes to be cuddled by other male snakes and steal their heat, a process known as ‘Kleptothermy.’