10 Reasons You Will Never Get By Without Your Girlfriends

No matter who comes and goes in a girl’s life — boyfriends, school friends, acquaintances — there is only one category of people that a girl can always count on: their girlfriends. These girlfriends are not just any group of girls. The close knit band of fellow females labeled as “girlfriends” is usually small, exclusive, and unfailingly loyal. Often years of history brings together these friends-for-life: years full of secrets, embarrassing stories, and watching each others’ backs. They do everything together, and accept each other no matter what. While other relationships can be temporary, every girl needs a group of loyal gal-pals to fall back on, and here’s why.

Different Views On Life

Each girl has her own unique story, and by getting to hear about them, often you can learn lessons for your own life. Having a reliable group of girls to go to for advice means that you have access to a lot more advice and expertise than you would on your own.

You Always Have Weekend Plans

Want to party it up on Friday, and then spend a relaxing Saturday night-in watching movies and eating junk food? Either way, your girls are down.