10 Reasons Why The American Justice System Is Failing

Solitary Confinement For Children

An investigation conducted by Human Rights Watch found that children as young as 13 are sometimes confined for 22 hours per day. In their report, a child affected by solitary confinement was recorded stating, “The only thing left to do is go crazy – just sit and talk to the walls“.

This barbaric practice, which affects 90,000 youths imprisoned in adult correctional facilities, was found to increase the risks of mental illnesses, such as depression, anxiety and delirium from psychosis.

Three Strikes

This law first came into being in Texas during the 1980’s. This law allowed more severe punishments for repeat offenders, and in some cases multiple life sentences. The idea behind this law was the remove the worst criminals for longer periods for repeating similar offenses.

In 1994 in California the law was brought to true infamous fruition. Some cases included people sentenced 25-to-life for stealing footwear, including socks and baby shoes, as well as another given two life sentences for stealing pizza. The final offense in the three strikes case involving pizza included the theft of a single slice of pizza.

Fortunately, this law was reviewed in 2012 which resulted in leniency for non-violent offenses using the defense, “You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me“. This leniency resulted in an opportunity for appeals, and resulted in the freedom of many non-violent inmates, as well as several apology letters from judges.