10 Countries That May Emerge In The Future

Countries, much like the economy, rise and fall fairly regularly. A new government may come into power and set their own rules and laws, they could form an entire army, and may even take over some existing territory, but they may be abandoned shortly thereafter. With all of the new movement across the world, new countries are sure to arise soon enough. Whether it be an entirely new nation or a current one ready to separate into two divided countries. Here are ten theoretical countries we could see in the future. Are you surprised by any of them?

Divided Belgium

Belgium, believe it or not, is already separated into multiple cultures. A few Flemish politicians have even begun to advocate for splitting the country in half based on the languages spoken and the cultures adhered to in some areas.

Alawite Nation

Syria is currently in the midst of a tragic civil war, one which could see the country separate into various nations if enough time passes. An oppressed minority Muslim group known as the Alawites is said to account for 12 percent of the Syrian population. They have considered forming an independent nation.