10 Real-World Easter Eggs You Have To See

Some may consider life to be the ultimate open-world video game, and they wouldn’t be completely wrong. It has great graphics, an excellent leveling system, and a skill tree worthy of Path of Exile. Some may believe that real life is missing certain aspects of the video game world, but we challenge you to find those missing items. In fact, there are real-world Easter eggs spread throughout the planet, which you should totally find and snap pictures of as proof. Here are ten real-world “Easter eggs” you should discover for yourself.

Salvador Dali Sundial

The Salvador Dali Sundial is hanging above a local bagel shop in Paris. It appears to be the shop’s sign at first, but is actually based off of Dali’s print, “Self-Portrait Sundial.” It was offered to the city as a gift in 1966.

The Surreal Elevator

The Surreal Elevator, located in Long Island City, New York, is housed within an old office building that once stood tall as a Macy’s warehouse. The freight elevator appears normal, at least until the white doors open to a wonderland filled with weird colors and mechanical creatures.