10 Real Tales Of Summer Camp Horror

Summer camp is said to be a time filled with joy and fun activities for the younger people in our lives. It is a place where life-long friends can be met and where you can explore new ideas and hobbies while spending time in nature. Sadly, not all summer camps are wonderful times filled with joy and love. Instead, some places are just horror stories, much like that of Jason and his drowning. Here are ten tales of true summer camp horror.

Falling Tree

Annais Rittenberg, a camp counselor, was crushed by a falling tree that fell on to a campfire circle within the Yosemite National Park. Thankfully, no children were harmed when the tree fell, but four other female counselors were injured.

Struck by Lightning

Ethan Kadish, a 13-year-old camp attendee was playing at the Goldman Union Camp Institute. After being struck by lightning, Ethan spent around 145 days in the hospital. He suffered from traumatic brain injury.