10 Plants That Are Actually Carnivores

Everyone has heard of the Venus fly trap, which is a deadly insect killer and carnivorous plant. Common sundews and pitcher plants are also other types of known plants that feast on bugs, which are essentially a type of meat and protein, making them carnivores. However, this type of vegetation is actually pretty widespread, with numerous species that most people have overlooked or simply do not know even exist. Here are ten totally obscure plants that are carnivorous. Some eat flesh, and some eat even weirder foods.

Sun Pitchers

Sun Pitchers, otherwise known as Heliamphora, are not related to other pitcher plants, though they do appear similar in style and appearance. They produce a digestive enzyme known for breaking down their prey, including bugs.

Protocarnivorous Bromeliads

Protocarnivorous Bromeliads are a common house-plant that many people may have heard of by now. Their leaves come together in a central basin-like structure that is capable of holding water. Insects drown in said liquid, and the plant then consumes them.