20 Hilarious And Honest Bumper Stickers

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Here are 20 people who are not afraid to speak their minds. Many people use their cars as billboards for their favorite band, politician, or opinion. These bumper stickers range from the profound, the funny, the strange and the terrifying. Many of them are made to make fun of other bumper stickers. All of them, however, are brutally honest and say quite a bit about the driver. Prepare to laugh at these unique bumper stickers.

What A Wonderful World

It would be a better world. Those poor chickens always being questions about their actions.

Wait A Second

If you are reading this, presumably you are behind this car. Is he warning you about yourself?

Good Reminder

It’s something we all need to remember. Many decisions will be in the hands of the next generation, not the least of which is the decision as to where we will be spending our last days.

Thank You

This one is great. What would make it better? If this car was actually parked in a handicap spot.

Good To Know

If you can’t tell, this bumper sticker is on a minivan.

This Is Terrifying

This is one driver to avoid if at all possible.

He Earned It

If you are having trouble seeing it, it says “I’m 70. Leave me the hell alone.” Yeah, at such an old age, he’s earned it.

He Drives

This is one person annoyed by all of the running bumper stickers bragging about times and distances. It’s very honest.

Now We Feel Stupid

What a way to insult somebody!

Now We Feel Bad

Jesus, you know, the religious founder, never learned how to drive, but even he would have used his turn signals.

Sounds Good

This person will be first in line when dinosaurs come back. Hopefully she will not get eaten.

The Second Most Terrifying Bumper Sticker On This List

This is a driver who is sick and tired of the stick figure bumper stickers. Or they just really like Friday the 13th.

Good To Know

It’s great that this person has opinions. It’s probably also good that they keep their particular opinions to themselves. That is a very rare trait nowadays.


This person mocks all other bumper stickers by pointing out that no one really pays any attention to them. By the time we get home, we forget about the website they are trying to get us to go to. By the way, the website on this sticker directs to the retailer that sells those bumper stickers.

So, You Don’t Like Dave Matthews?

This novel of a bumper sticker tells you all you need to know about this driver. It even intercepts a possible ice breaker.

Too Much Information

This takes the award for too much information shared on a bumper sticker. At least you now know why the driver is driving like an idiot.

Thank You For The Warning

We might break with you. Bacon wrapped hot dogs sound good.

We Can Sleep Better Tonight

Now we can sleep better tonight knowing that the driver of this truck is not a stalker.

Sure You Do

Does your wiener dog match your carpet? That would make life quite perilous for dog and owner.

At Least He Knows Himself

He knows that he’s driving a lame car and he doesn’t care who agrees with him.