10 Places Between This World And The Next


Hamistagan is a place where the souls are divided between those who have been good in their life and those who have been bad. According to that, they are sent to either heaven or hell. Hamistagan is placed between the center of the Earth and the sphere of the stars and possesses traits of both. The souls are deemed to experience both extreme cold and hot weather. However, Hamistagan is not a place of punishment but a place that determines where you go after you die.


Bardo is the Tibetan Buddhist limbo where souls are sent for 49 days. During that time, a dead person’s soul gets to see images that are both peaceful and terrifying. The photos are known as the “mandalas of the peaceful and wrathful deities.” The photos are believed to originate from the soul’s mind and should not be feared. This proceeds for 49 days until the soul finally manages to hear the message and reach Nirvana, a state of utter calm.