10 Pictures Taken At The Right Time

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A person can take hundreds of beautiful photos that prepared with uttermost attention, and yet the most impressive photos are somehow those caught unintentionally, in the right moment. Those photos turn out hilarious, unexpected and really cool. Also, they really do speak so much more than a thousand words. In the age when anyone can take quality photos, catching something that shouldn’t be possible is something of a highest achievement. That’s why we scoured the Internet the find the funniest, most bizarre and impressive photos caught at the right time that are guaranteed to brighten up your day.

The headless gymnast

Talk about perfect timing! This photographer managed to behead a gymnast using just the power of his camera.

The Deer-Dog

This might be the cutest photo we’ve seen in years.

The Bird Pilot

The bird is a part of the team now.

The Bubble Eater

This little guy seems to have it all sorted out. Even the bubbles listen to him.

Friends Reunited

Oh hey mate, long time no see! Wait, why aren’t you moving? And why are you black?

Sexy Catman

Who better to peek from the Abercrombie & Fitch bag than a kitty?

Floating Ghost Ship

After much debate, we’re still not sure if this photo should leave us worried or not.

The Space Coaster

What’s better than rollercoasters catapulting you into space?

The Catcher

This squirrel does not want to let go of his nut.


Talk about a perfect attack. The timing, the scene and the execution are all spotless.