10 Photos Of Miserable Men In Shopping Malls

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We all know this scenario: wives or girlfriends take their men to the mall. They promised to be there for only an hour, but then it became six hours. Their loving men get stuck in shopping hell and contemplate on what they ever did to deserve this. Men from all over the Western world face this problem everyday. Hence, Instagram user Miserable Men (@miserable_men) combined photos of hilarious and heartbreaking images of husbands and men who follow their women around shopping malls and stores with the hopeless feeling of getting stuck there for eternity. Here are 10 of his funniest Instagram posts of miserable men trapped in shopping malls. Enjoy

Watch My Stuff

‘Honey, can you please watch my stuff? I’ll try on a few more things before we go…’ promised the girlfriend 3 hours ago.

Thank God For Beanbags

This man thanked the heavens that this mall has such comfortable beanbags.

Unfortunately For Him…

Unfortunately for this man, this shopping center has no couches or beanbags and he has to wait it out on the floor.

Contemplating On His Own

This man is thinking: ‘what did I ever do to deserve this???!?’

Stuck In Ikea

Wife has been contemplating for hours which plate set will look good in their kitchen.

Hold This Please!

“Honey can you hold these dresses for me while I try a dozen more?”

My Girlfriend Hates Me

Yup, I think my girlfriend hates me so much right now.


Sigh… when will this ever be over??

I Hate My Life Right Now.

This man is contemplating on his life and how he hates it right now.

Shopping Mall Napper

All this waiting is making me tired. Let me take a nap.