10 Perfect Winter Date Night Ideas

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The cold, freeing winter weather can often cause us to become lazy. When the temperature drops, we just want to run our daily errands a go back home where it’s warm and comfortable. We tend to develop cabin fever by being cooped up in the house because we don’t want to tackle the cold weather. For couples, you have to figure out a way to keep the romance going, even as the temperature outside continues to drop. Here are a few winter date night ideas you should consider trying.

Ice Skating

It’s already cold outside, so why not go ice skating? Ice skating is the perfect way to get out of the house and enjoy each other’s company.

Visit a Museum

If you’re looking for something different to do, why not visit a local museum? There’s bound to be one that you both haven’t been to before, and even if there isn’t, there’s new stuff on display all the time!

Go To A Concert

If you’re a music lover, then go see one of your favorite musicians live in concert. It’s a great date night activity.

Hot Chocolate

Whether you want to get hot chocolate at home, or visit a nearby cafe that’ll serve you the yummy treat, there’s nothing better in the cold weather than a nice cup of cocoa.


If you’re not really too keen on going out, why not cook for each other? Have some fun in the kitchen, cook meals you both enjoy and make a big deal of it.

Have A Movie Night

If you don’t want to cook anything, why not order some take-out, get it delivered and sit down and watch a movie you both haven’t seen. There’s nothing like snuggling close to the person you love when the weather’s cold.aaa

Sporting Event

Nothing else on this list interest you? Why not go to a local sporting game that’s on and have a heap of fun with your partner while you’re watching a game.

Dine At A Restaurant

Skip cooking and staying in the house and go dine at a restaurant. You can enjoy conversations, drinks and good food.

Go On A Cruise

Get away with all love the cold weather and go on a cruise. This will relieve your cabin fever and you will be able to sight see.

Rent a Cabin

Renting a cabin is the perfect getaway date activity. You can make if even more fun by inventing some of your closest friends along for a little impromptu get together.