10 People Who Faked Their Own Abductions

At some point in our lives, we all wanted to just disappear. Sometimes it’s the stress, sometimes we just want to pack up our stuff and start over halfway across the world, away from our current problems. What many have dreamed of, these ten people actually achieved. They not only wished to disappear, but did so by faking their own abductions.

All of the stories are nothing short of a movie script, with detailed planning and quite outstanding motives, from bad grades to cheating on spouses. The stories got them all to be featured in local newspapers, sometimes even nationally and internationally. However, alongside that, all of the stories also ended up with the people getting caught and eventually even sent to prison, so we advise you to think about whether it’s a smart idea to execute such an elaborate and risky plan.

Jason Laperriere

In 2012, Jason Laparriere spent the night out by cruising around town. He met a woman and they had sex and smoked crack until the sun came up. At some point, he became worried his then girlfriend would be worried where he was so he came up with a plan and pretended he had been kidnapped.

The 25-year-old man talked the woman he slept with that night text his girlfriend. The text was simple, saying he had been forced into a car at gunpoint by two men over a drug debt and kidnapped. He proceeded to call his girlfriend after and told her the men had punched him several times in order to make him confess where his house was. Laparriere’s girlfriend called the police and when he came home he recalled his story to them, even giving the names of his abductors. In the end, after more extensive questioning, the man broke down and confessed he made up the whole thing. He was arrested and sent to jail for six months.

Sierra “CeCe” Sims

Sierra “CeCe” Sims was the pretty and popular student of Auburn University in Alabama along with being a successful sportswoman, studying on a full basketball scholarship. Coincidentally, her real love was music. She wanted to get a career in the music industry, but with basketball training and games taking up so much of her time she had no time to pursue her passion. The burden of trying to be successful got to her more and more until she started drinking and partying a lot when Sims couldn’t handle the pressure any longer. After attending a concert on campus late one night, Sims skipped practice the next day. Her coach and parents contacted the police and the search party started.

Students at the university reported seeing Sims take off on her bike the previous night. Almost a day later, Sims came up to a police officer, identified herself and told him she has been kidnapped. According to her story, a truck had pulled up outside her dorm, with two people pulling her inside and drugging her. When police started asking for more details, Sims confessed to making up the whole thing. She was never charged, but dropped out of the university and now lives with her parents.