10 Nipple Tattoos That Are Shocking And Hilarious

Tattoos are one of the oldest forms of self-expression and have been around for centuries in various cultures. In today’s world, they have slowly moved away from being an art form to becoming something people do just for the sake of hilarity.

One of the weirdest places a person can get a tattoo is perhaps the nipple region. Although the male nipple seems entirely pointless and feel more like a defect of evolution, tattoo culture has turned this region around and has used the really strange projection to create some truly hilarious tattoos. Here is a list of 10 tattoos that utilize the nipple with great results:

Uphill Task

This tattoo looks like the stick figure is having a really tough time either rolling the nipple uphill or simply keeping the nipple from rolling downhill. Either way, it is quite funny.

Weird Clown

If someone takes of their shirt and you see this tattoo around their nipple – run, and don’t look back.