10 People That Have No Idea How To Use Technology

The rate that technology is being created and improved is unfathomable. There are so many devices nowadays that it’s essentially impossible to know just how many variations are out there. They are being improved on day-by-day, so fast and so crazily that understanding just how your piece of technology works is a task that isn’t cut out for the faint of heart. No, not all laptops can swim, and no, not all phones can float — but if you do claim that your phone can float, you might want to make sure it actually floats. Here are 10 people who have no idea how to use technology!

Dick Smith

You’d think being a big tech company, they’d be certain of something before advertising it.

Cutting Board

We don’t think people know that they really shouldn’t be using their iPad’s as cutting boards, even if there is an app.