10 Creepy Murder Houses You Could Live In

Almost every horror movie starts the same – a family moves into a house that was previously a murder scene. Not long after, strange things start happening and there’s a lot of supernatural things that occur which nobody can explain. A lot of us believe bad energy stays after particularly nasty things happen and that’s what can definitely be applied to murder houses. We’ve found ten that haven’t been lived in for a while as they witnessed some very awful things and can be yours for only a fraction of the usual price. Here’s our top ten murder houses you could actually live in.

Jon Benet Ramsey House

In 1996, six-year-old Jon Benet was struck on the head after which he was strangled. The case remains open and it was never solved, even two decades later. The house was never lived in again, later having been bought by Carol Schuller Milner and relisted on the market not much later after.

Camden Ripper House

Anthony Hardy got nicknamed “The Camden Ripper” after he killed three women in his apartment in London. He got caught really easily as he made the mistake of getting rid of various body parts of his victims by throwing them into a trash can near his apartment. The apartment was never renovated and is actually rented by several tenants.