10 Online Altercations That Went Too Far

Killing Kids Over LeBron James’ Shoes

Major websites are full of awful, stupid comments, but 21-year-old Eric Yee, who dropped out of Yale, took it a little too far. An ESPN article talked about a basketball superstar’s new shoes from Nike, and Yee posted about looking at kids and “wouldn’t mind murdering them.” He was arrested and charged for possessing an illegal firearm.

Game Critic Against Terrible Developer

Popular game critic Jim Sterling posted a video playing a badly-created game called The Slaughtering Grounds. Instead of taking criticism, developers Digital Homicide, who have changed their name numerous times, used a takedown strike against the video and threatened to sue, but failed. It escalated to a long, tension-filled interview posted by Sterling that had the developers try to dox him, and they failed again.