10 Of The Worst Smells In The World

Are you aware that you can detect 10,000 different smells due to the 12 million olfactory receptor cells in the nose? Moreover, studies have proven that smell have the power to affect a person’s memory, emotions and mood, therefore, make a point of surrounding yourself with pleasant smells and you will enhance your chances of having a joyful life without forgetting any good experiences. However, you cannot help but come across some terrible smells in your daily activities, smells that cause you to become angry suddenly, and want to go in the opposite direction of where the odor is coming from. Here are 10 of the worst smells in the world.


Hoatzin, also known as the stinkbird, is one of the worst smelling birds in the world. It gives off very unpleasant smell because of how it digests the food. Hoatzin digests the food with the aid of foregut fermentation, where bacteria decomposes the food it has consumed in its fermentation chamber, a process common in ruminants.

Vieux Boulogne Cheese

In November 2004, Vieux Boulogne Cheese from northern France beat 14 other pungent cheeses to be named the smelliest cheese in the world. It smells close to rotten leaves, wet earth and mushrooms, a smell that is worse than a kind of cheese known as Epoisses de Bourgogne that is banned in France’s public spaces.