10 Hoaxes That Fooled Almost Everyone

Hoaxes have happened throughout human history as people have always tried to fool others into believing something that simply isn’t true. Sometimes the hoax is an attempt to gain publicity or fame and fortune, while in others it is done purely for the pleasure of having tricked people. The advent of social media has only made it even easier for pranksters to quickly spread false news to all corners of the world, allowing millions of people to be fooled.

The Alien Autopsy

The Alien Autopsy was a film that was released by the British entrepreneur Ray Santilli during the 1990’s. He announced that it contained actual footage of a dissection of an alien that came to Earth during a UFO crash at Roswell in 1947. He had apparently bought it from a retired military cameraman and it was eventually sold to news outlets around the world, though Santilli admitted in 2006 that the film was a fake.

World Trade Center Tourist

Not long after the tragic events on 9/11, a photograph emerged online that appeared to show a tourist standing on the building just before the tragic events unfolded. According to reports at the time, the photograph was taken only seconds before the terrorist attack took place. The truth though, was that it had actually been taken in 1997 and had simply been photoshopped to add in the plane at a later date.