10 Of The World’s Most Popular Superstitions

People are intrinsically led to believe in the supernatural, or to be superstitious. It is human nature to find excuses for the bad things that happen. That is why all across the world, there are ridiculous religious beliefs, crazy sayings that become more than myth, and bizarre ideas about fertility and success. People believe in weird things like ghosts, demons, and the dream world. This list gives ten different examples of some of the most popular superstitions in the world.

Black Cats

This is one of the world’s oldest superstitions, and it traces back to the middle ages. Older single women usually had a lot of cats, just like older single women today. However, back in the middle ages, people assumed that if a woman was old and single, she was a witch. Witches were thought to be able to transform into cats themselves, and a black cat could supposedly be a witch.


And no, not breaking mirrors! It is actually believed by a lot of people that looking into a mirror can steal your soul. This means that pretty much everyone is soulless at this point.