10 Of The Weirdest Pets Kept At The White House

Most people would think the president of the United States would not have the time nor energy to care for an exotic pet – or would choose something a bit more normal, like a canine. We have always imagined the president walking side-by-side with a Dalmation or a Collie. However, a lot of the leaders of the US throughout the years have kept a lot of strange pets in the halls of the White House. We guess the urge to have an exotic pet is just a bit too much. Here are the ten weirdest pets ever kept in the White House.

Billy the Pygmy Hippo

President Calvin Coolidge had a known interest in animals. The man had six dogs, a cat, two lions, and quite a few more. The weirdest, however, was Billy the Pygmy Hippo, who lived inside the White House with him.

Old-Ike the Sheep

Woodrow Wilson, who was elected president for keeping the country out of war at first, was known for having an entire flock of sheep roaming the White House grounds. One of them, Old Ike, was a large ram that chewed tobacco.