10 Of The Weirdest Jobs On The Planet

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Work can often become mundane and boring. It can become very easy to feel that nothing interesting is happening, and that can be a real drag. However, most people have normal jobs like an accountant, a florist, a school teacher, or a chef. These jobs, like every other job, are necessary to making sure that the world functions properly and everyone is happy. Not all jobs are quite so predictable though, and this list is proof of that!

Bed Warmer

Bed warmers are typically staff at a hotel that warm up the guests bed before they arrive, so that it isn’t cold when they get into it.

Professional Sleeper

This is a job that many people would excel at. A professional sleeper was a job posting advertised by a Finnish company, who needed someone to test comfort levels for different sleeping products.

Professional Apologizer

This profession is really only a thing in Japan, where some people hire a company to apologize on their behalf.

Professional Elephant Dresser

This is mainly a job in Sri Lanka, where elephants are dressed up for ceremonies and parades. It has to be someone’s job to dress them up, and that certainly can’t be easy!

Ash Portrait Artist

Some people like to get art made out of their loved ones ashes. These people go to an ash portrait artist, who does this for a living.

Ostrich Babysitter

Why the ostriches need to be babysat, we’ll never know. However, they are probably being very well cared for.

Duck Master

People with this title are often hired by hotels, and they are tasked with taking care of the ducks on the hotel grounds, and parading them around for hotel guests to see.

Chicken Sexer

This job isn’t as weird as it sounds, although it is still a pretty strange job. The duties of this job are to determine whether a chick (baby chicken) is a male or female.

Breath Odor Evaluator

People in this position are typically hired by gum or mint companies, to test out the effectiveness of the gum or mints in question. Imagine smelling other people’s breath all day!

Professional Snuggler

This is a job that your significant other might not be okay with you having, but it sounds great otherwise! Mainly in Japan, there are places called snuggle cafes, where people can go to just snuggle with someone.