10 Of The Weirdest Homes On The Planet

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A home is a personal and private place where people can be themselves completely. That usually does not translate a whole lot to the outside of the home, but in some cases people are very liberal with showing off their personalities using a design aspect. The homes featured in this list are some of the strangest homes from all across the globe; from homes made from churches, to homes made to look like beach objects, we’ve gathered some of the strangest ones we could find and put them in this list.

Flinestone’s House

This home in the USA was created by Dick Clark, and it was inspired by the house from the TV show, The Flinestone’s.

World’s Smallest Home

This home in Germany is the smallest ever – just 1 square meter. We’re just wondering if this actually constitutes a home, and not a room?

Water Tower Home

Why let a beautiful water tower go to waste when you can buy it and make it into your house? We’re not too sure how big this thing is, but it seems to be big enough to live in.

House of Slides

This home in Japan is filled with slides, rather than stairs. A genius idea, really.

Skinniest House

This home, located in Warsaw, Poland, is only 1.22m (approximately 4 feet) wide, is naturally lit and isn’t actually as small as you would think on the inside.

Stone House

This home in Portugal is literally carved from stone. It’s actually become a very large tourist attraction as well.

Skateboard House

This house in the USA was built so that it could be used to skateboard inside and outside of the house. Rain or shine, right?

Converted Church

This home used to be St. Jakobus’ church in Utrecht, Netherlands, and was converted from a church to a livable house. As you can imagine, there’s plenty of natural light and high ceilings, making the inside look extremely spacious.

Transparent House

This home in Japan is completely see-through. Not a lot of privacy, but they probably have fantastic lighting.

Seashell House

This home in Mexico was created to look like a giant seashell. The family had two children and enjoyed the beach so much that they modeled their home after it!