10 Of The Weirdest Game Shows To Appear On TV

Game shows have become a staple of modern television. However, they have evolved from charming quizzes and parlor games that were aimed at the entire family so much that many would be baffling to audiences from previous generations. In a bid to capture the attention of viewers and chase the ratings, TV producers are coming up with ever more bizarre and shocking ideas to attract people to their channels. This has led to the creation of some frankly baffling game shows over the last decade that probably should never have made it onto television screens.

Touch the Truck

Touch the Truck is a show that explained everything that it was about in one snappy title. Hosted by Dale Winton, it aired exclusively in the United Kingdom and saw contestants facing off against each other as they tried to remain touching the truck for as long as possible. For some reason, producers thought it would be fun to watch people stand around while holding onto a vehicle.

El Gran Juego De La Oca

El Gran Juego De La Oca was a Spanish game show that saw those taking part compete against one and other as they played on a giant board game. While this concept isn’t completely unique when compared to other television series, it was made distinctive by the strange nature of the tasks that contestants had to go through. This included having their hair shaved off, being licked by animals or pelted with rotting fruit.