10 Of The Wackiest Political Parties In The World

I Don’t Give A Feck Party (Ireland)

With “I promise to do nothing for you and my very best to do it” as their motto, this Irish political party began as a joke. Founded by Dave Keaveney, he decided to become “official” after the locals who visited his laundromat encouraged him. Fed up with the broken promises of politicians, he figured that being up front was the best way to go, but on a serious note, he did want to see more jobs available. Best posts on I Don’t Give a Feck Party’s Facebook page:

  • Give Ireland back to England and apologize for the state that it’s in!
  • (Below a picture of a naked butt): If you want change all you need to do is get behind Dave
  • Due to the recession, the I Don’t Give a Feck Party has not put any campaign posters up on poles across East Meath. But you may see me pole dancing in your area soon.

The Fed-Up Party (Canada)

This joke party was (not officially) established because, you guessed it… Someone was fed up! And his name was Ed. But Ed wasn’t who you think he was. Ed was a cigar-smoking sock puppet who was fed up with the carelessness and “stupidity” of his government. Ed the Sock ranted and raved on his “Nobody’s Puppet!” blog and promised to provide “smarta*s commentary for a dumba*s political establishment.” Political philosophy of the Fed-Up Party: Just stop being stupid already.